Internet Impacts Purchase Decisions

Monday July 7, 2014 0 comments

The Internet is so much a part of our world yet 52% of small business owners still do NOT have a website (click to read study). This is shocking to me when you consider the fact that 99% of consumers who have an annual income of $75,000 or... Read More

Social Media Statistics 2014

By: Lori Gama Sunday June 8, 2014 0 comments


Trying to figure out which social network to invest your time with? Maybe if you knew how Marketers use social media, you'd feel less lost and more efficient. Here's how Marketers use social media, according to a study done by Social Media Examiner... Read More

How Is That Social Media Thing Working Out For You?

By: Lori Gama Sunday April 6, 2014 0 comments


Have you finally reached the end of the trail for Do-It-Yourself social media marketing? Has it been frustrating because you haven't seen any difference in your monthly P & L statement after hours and hours of effort?  You probably fit... Read More

Your Plan to Succeed in the Year Ahead

By: Lori Gama Friday December 27, 2013 14 comments Tags: new year resolutions, planning, work smarter


Right about now, you might be feeling overwhelmed or panicking that you suddenly don't have a plan for the year ahead. Whatever just knocked you off your GROOVE, after reading this today, you WILL get your groove back on. You WILL have your plan to... Read More

A Daily Routine for Doing Your Own Social Media

By: Lori Gama Friday December 20, 2013 4 comments Tags: Facebook, google, Lori Gama, Pinterest, social media routine, Social Networking


Here is a sample routine you can try out or customize to fit your schedule so you can create a daily routine for doing your own social media.  I included a time-frame so you know how long each task should take you. If you add it up, it's around... Read More